Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DataGrid column width Auto-update

The DataGrid will increase column sizes to fit as the data becomes longer, but it does not automatically decrease column sizes when the length of the data decreases. In your example, you're right aligning the 'Change' column, and using the rest of the space for the 'Name' column.

Now, when a 'Change' property grows large enough that it should increase the column's width, the 'Name' column is refusing to shrink to accommodate, so you have to force a refresh yourself.

The following steps should do this for you (I've included a sample app to demo):

1) In your DataGridTextColumn Bindings (all except your * sized column) set NotifyTargetUpdated=True.
2) On your DataGrid, add a handler to the TargetUpdated event.
3) In your TargetUpdated event handler:
-- a) Set the DataGrid's * sized column's width to 0.
-- b) Call the UpdateLayout() method on the DataGrid.
-- c) Set the DataGrid's * sized column's width back to new DataGridLength(1, DataGridLengthUnitType.Star)


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